Today, I finally met my new oral surgeon, and now I know what my life is going to be the next couple of years.

Thursday – Feb 21st: 10:30 – dental appointment with Dr. Robert Marx, Junior to fix top left problem
Friday – Feb 22nd: 13:00 – removal of lower right tooth in preparation for bone graft

+90 days – major surgery (graft top and bottom, removal of titanium plate, taking out the thick bulge, etc.) One day in hospital, maybe two. Swelling? Dr. Robert Marx said it will be the same size as the first time in 2011. Only the operation is a lot easier (his words).

+ 6 months – 2-3 implants on each side. The ones on the bottom are covered by Medicare because cancer treatment was involved. Topside – out of pocket. 🙁

+ 6 months – finishing up (abutments, crowns, etc.)

Between these milestones I have to squeeze in the following:
– meet a Russian friend at MIA on Saturday (comes to visit me for a week)
– obtain a mortgage loan (paid taxes, have 1040s for last years)
– find and buy a condo or home (needs to be done by April 15, 2013)
– finish my Realtor license studies, pass the State exam
– use my Groupon for Scuba training. A short course and three (3) dives: night dives-deep dives-compass orienting
– use my 3 Groupons for boat fishing

Gosh! my hands are pretty full again…


4 thoughts on “Life”

  1. Удачи и бодрости духа, Вадим! Кто учился в ВКИМО, не боится ничего! А кто учился в ВИИЯ, тоже не боится ни-чего!

  2. Knowing you, I am sure it will just work out fine. But still some luck would be useful. So Good luck too.

  3. Many thanks for your support Alex. I accept any donations: Some luck, Good luck, whatever. Even blessings if they come from true believers. 🙂

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