Licensed scuba diver

Today, I have added a “Certified Scuba Diver” to my previous “Certified Russian” title. During today’s two dives I used my new diving computer. It’s like a fancy wrist watch with a zillion features. One of them is to warn the owner that due to the time he/she spent deep in the water, he should NOT fly for the next 18 hours. It’s about nitrogen in the blood, decompression, etc. Serious shit. Luckily, I don’t have to fly anywhere – I now live in one of the best places for scuba diving!

It’s certainly not the hardest sport, but will sure keep me in good shape. I was really exhausted when I dragged myself and my gear home tonight. But before relaxing you have to do one more chore – rinse everything in fresh water. I love it. This is exactly what I needed – some physical excercise which you simply cannot ignore. You must do it, no matter how tired you are. My doctor will be very happy with my new hobby.

Salt water ruins everything.

There was one nagging problem though. My instructor wants me to bring a paper photo, passport size, to attach to his application regarding my PADI certification. The last time I needed such photos was 8 years ago, when I applied for the travel passport. Wasting time and money on ‘official’ passport photo services wasn’t in my plans. So, here comes good old Photoshop, and Costco 1-Hour Photo. I happened to have one recent shot in my iPhoto, which looked very passport like. Several moves by Erazor tool and Clone Stamp tool, plus adjusting Levels and a little cropping fixed my problem in five minutes. Man, do I love my toys and progress in general!

Tomorrow I can pick the print up at my favorite Costco – 5 minutes drive from home. Total cost: $0.14


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