Mickey Mouse fires Mayor Bloomberg

Russian president fires Moscow’s mayor.

CNN doesn’t even have a clue, putting this line as something insignificant among dozens of others. For Russians it’s a lot more important than the news about former President Carter’s visit to hospital because of an upset stomach. In Russia, it’s the biggest headline in years. For Americans though, it’s like Mickey Mouse firing Mayor Bloomberg, a joke that is neither funny nor makes sense.

Something tells me that the follow-up will be much more entertaining than what would happen if Mickey Mouse fired NYC’s boss. Because I know of at least one big difference – Mr. Bloomberg took the office when he already had millions, Comrade Luzhkov made Billions since he took the office. He’s one of the greatest thieves of the century, and if you ask me, he should be fired properly (by a squad). Or at least replace Khodorkovskiy in the prison cell, and stay there for the rest of his life.

But in today’s Russia, he’ll remain free, and if he moves he will not go east where all the gulags are, but west. He and his wife have a nice “cabin” in one of the most expensive Austrian villages.


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