Good things come together

First, my swellings in both the face and the donor leg are down. The leg looks normal, no difference from the other one. I am extremely happy about the progress. Felt like jumping and dancing, hence The Cut Runs Deep by the immortal Deep Purple.


Second, it’s finally warm and sunny outside, so I can enjoy the fresh air. Which I did, combining pleasure with business so to speak. Weeds in the backyard were getting really out of control.


I started the process, Sharon joined me in a little while and in no time our backyard looked a lot neater. By the way, the fire pit which you can see on these pictures was planned, custom-designed and constructed by my daughter Mariya. Frankly, I didn’t even suspect she could do such big things totally on her own. She did it in preparation for her birthday party, so that they can enjoy campfire s’mores. To be honest, I was impressed.

Final thought: it is a rare moment when I am glad that I live in Seattle from the viewpoint of good weather. The rest of the country this year is going through hell, literally, with floods and tornados one day and temperatures exceeding 100 °F next day.



2 thoughts on “Good things come together”

  1. Сад очень похож на наш. Мы сейчас сидим точно у такого кострища.
    Наверное мы одинаковые.

  2. Конечно, одинаковые. Сидеть у огня вообще самое старое развлечение на земле. Ну, или на втором месте после сам знаешь чего…

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