Big Sur

No, it’s not about the OS. It’s about my old friend Eldar, whom I met on Internet. He happened to be from my home town in Russia, and he published his impressions of traveling across the US, which … impressed me. I instantly felt we had a lot in common…

In the 90s, he was a big shot at Microsoft, earned a pile of dough thanks to his brain, but after some time, he got fucked up with MS’s idiotic ways, moved on to Google (slightly less idiotic, I guess), and is now alternating between fairly decent places like Switzerland, US and (god forbid), Russia.

Eldar and I, we are in very different leagues, on all sides. Totally. My only advantage over the guy is – I know that Seattle in Russian has only one “t”, but he insists in his writings it’s a “Сиэттл”.  I love it!

El, I really love you as a friend, let us find some time and drive this stretch of Highway 101 together. It is gorgeous. Nearly as good as your new-found home of Switzerland (though, I’ve never been there and  maybe the 101 is a lot nicer than Swiss Alps highways). 

The image below is a screenshot of my latest dual-monitor arrangement of Mac Mini 2018 HDMI’ed to Acer 25″, and my old trusty (honestly, mostly untrusty) iMac 2013. Very cheap, very economical, hopefully my last up/down grade in the office. (Hopefully, no confidential info will be exposed in the image).


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