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Big Sur

No, it’s not about the OS. It’s about my old friend Eldar, whom I met on Internet. He happened to be from my home town in Russia, and he published his impressions of traveling across the US, which … impressed me. I instantly felt we had a lot in common…

In the 90s, he was a big shot at Microsoft, earned a pile of dough thanks to his brain, but after some time, he got fucked up with MS’s idiotic ways, moved on to Google (slightly less idiotic, I guess), and is now alternating between fairly decent places like Switzerland, US and (god forbid), Russia.

Eldar and I, we are in very different leagues, on all sides. Totally. My only advantage over the guy is – I know that Seattle in Russian has only one “t”, but he insists in his writings it’s a “Сиэттл”.  I love it!

El, I really love you as a friend, let us find some time and drive this stretch of Highway 101 together. It is gorgeous. Nearly as good as your new-found home of Switzerland (though, I’ve never been there and  maybe the 101 is a lot nicer than Swiss Alps highways). 

The image below is a screenshot of my latest dual-monitor arrangement of Mac Mini 2018 HDMI’ed to Acer 25″, and my old trusty (honestly, mostly untrusty) iMac 2013. Very cheap, very economical, hopefully my last up/down grade in the office. (Hopefully, no confidential info will be exposed in the image).


Ненужные друзья

Имеются ввиду друзья переводчика – диски с ПО. Наводя порядок в папках, коробках и мешках с моим нехитрым скарбом, опять слегка поностальгировал… Перед тем, как выбросить их из своей жизни навсегда.

Повспоминал, как приходилось выкручиваться иногда для того, чтоб иметь полноценную русскую поддержку на компьютерах, купленных за пределами России. Даже имея официальную версию Офиса 2007 прямо  из Редмонда, приходилось покупать у пиратов еще одну – локализованную для русских пользователей.

old_cds & DVDs
Some perfectly legal, some pirated, purchased on Russian ‘black market’ – all of them helped me in my struggle to survive in my new “fatherland”. Or, more correctly, HOMELAND.

Интересно, как быстро еще вчера полезные вещи становятся мусором… Любой переводчик сегодня может обойтись без этого раритета.

Кстати, никогда не забуду свою первую прогу для печатания на русском и английском языках – WordPerfect 5.1. Одна знакомая американка дала мне скопировать ее на мой комп, и я навсегда запомнил, как она волновалась, чтоб об этом никто не узнал. Ведь она нарушала контракт, согласно которому пользоваться тем “вордперфектом” должна была ТОЛЬКО ОНА! Это был одним из моих первых “культурных шоков” в новой стране…





It depends. In many people’s view, it was a very eventful day. Many decisions made, quite a few things ordered on Amazon (cheap, very cheap! – that’s why it was Amazon and not a purchase from bricks and mortars…


A pair of reading glasses in Walmart to replace a broken Silhouette Titanium frame cost me $2.00. Amazingly, it feels better than my prescription glasses costing 400 times more!.. Actually, I am using it now writing on my big-monitor iMac. Alas, titanium is NOT unbreakable.
This frame actually broke twice just because of metal fatigue… It’s funny, Khodorkovskiy no longer wears “our” frame either. 😉
Interesting mail from old friends, beautiful skies during our ‘poop walk’ with Cashmere


And to crown it all, at the very end of the day, I heard a clever line in one of John Lennon’s songs:

“One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside”

Sometimes I wonder, how many people even notice such profound thoughts in the lyrics of rock songs… Written by geniuses like John of course.


Localizer’s best friend

You don’t have to be a localizer to use this nifty plugin from transposh.org. However, what you do need, to localize your website into one or more languages, is knowing the target language (s) well. It is best if you translate into your native language. It’s often referred to as “mother’s tongue”. And you must honestly answer to yourself a direct question – after re-reading your final edit): “Does it really look and sound natural?” It should. Otherwise, google, bing or many other MT (machine translation) engines should be all we needed.

Being a professional Russian translator with over 40 years’ experience, I found it extremely easy to quickly generate translations of my own pages. I have used many CAT (computer aided translation) tools before, but Ofer’s offering (sorry, couldn’t help it) was the fastest, easiest to learn and use. In short, Transposh beats them all hands down. Even though the other guys ask hundreds and even thousands piastres for their goodies, and Ofer doesn’t even take donations (at least, as of today).

Using the Transposh on this blog was a piece of cake. Installation was pretty straightforward and everything worked as it should right away. The only inconvenience I found so far is inflexible segmentation of translation units and punctuation marks. Russian is a much lengthier language than English. Punctuation marks are used differently. But even those are not a huge problem for someone who loves to play with his native language, knows it well, and can twist words around. The biggest problem other early adopters found in this application was a US flag instead of a Union Jack to denote English in the language menu. I agree with what Ofer answered to their accusations and can add something he couldn’t afford: “Fuck you! You fucking fucks!”

Conclusion: I am happy I switched to WordPress from Drupal (on this site), if I didn’t I would be clueless about Transposh. This will be my favorite toy for a long time. I will tell all my trusted friends what a nugget I found.

Hats off to Ofer Wald!

One and a half years later (this article was first published May 24, 2011).

I had to remove this module because it overloaded my database to the point that my host provider disconnected my server. It took us nearly two months to figure out the problem. Sorry folks. You’ll have to use off-the-shelf shit like Google Translate if you don’t know the language but want to read my shit.




Today, I had a wonderful walk in Saint Peterburg woods. One of my new friends took me there and we spent some quality time together. She mentioned Bach music, and I suddenly craved it. With the craving a video was born. It’s banned in some countries due to copyright issues, but I can watch it here in Russia:

If you cannot watch it on Youtube, let me know. I’ll provide a link to download it from my backup servers.
On a couple of slides shot at midnight from my windows you can see that the Sun is still up, and it is still not the shortest night. Amazing!


Good morning

Привет, Вадя!
Не знаю, где ты сейчас, но надеюсь, что тебе там нравится! 🙂
(Вообще-то, скорее всего, я сразу узнал бы, где ты сейчас, если бы предварительно почитал твой блог или ЖЖ или что-нибудь такое. Но почитаю позже, а сейчас просто захотелось черкнуть тебе пару слов).
Напоследок хочу сказать, что я тебя люблю и что ты для меня по-прежнему пример в жизни и старший брат!

Внутри процитированного было очень хорошее письмо от моего любимого хохла и тезки, полное оптимизма и радостных новостей. Когда день начинается чтением подобных писем за чашкой любимого кофе, чешется спина. Там активно прорастают крылья, порхать которыми хочется прямо не выпуская чашку со “старбаксом” из рук …
Особенно, под аккомпанимент “дримов” – Shattered Fortress (!!!) – (после 7 минуты и пятой секунды слезу радости не вытрет лишь бесчуственная скотина).

Однако, несмотря на то, что пятница, выходных у меня не предвидится, судя по содержимому другого ящика моей электронной почты:
Программа “Холостяк” – это отдельная песня. Она заслуживает не просто отдельного поста в блоге, а целого вебсайта. Нужно, кстати, подумать.
Пока скажу лишь, что, “запуская проект”, я даже не догадывался, каким интересным он окажется.

Поскольку все, что я буду рассказывать, станет фактической рекламой для сайта знакомств, я хочу с ними связаться и выторговать адекватную компенсацию. Особенно, если учесть, что сами они хотят денег за каждый шаг и бесплатно позволяют лишь опубликовать свою анкету. Для того, чтоб ответить человеку, который тебе написал, или написать кому-то, что она тебе нравится, нужен статус “Премиум”. А за него нужно отстегивать бабло. Короче, экономика должна быть экономной.



Facebook is not only pathetic, it is evil. It sucks the brains from those who have something in their skulls, and impedes development for those who are still growing-up…

I revisited it today after a month-long absence, and I was literally depressed with what I saw there. This first and foremost applies to my kid’s activity there. I cannot believe how shallow, dull and monotonous her ideas are. Even her friends apparently noticed that and she only manages to keep some discussions going on by ‘hiring’ new ones. Only welcome news was her purging 300 people from her friends’ list. Gives me some hope that one day common sense will prevail and she’ll descend to Earth’s surface from wherever she is now.

P.S. The main reason for re-activating my FB account was to find out what Mariya is doing, since we don’t communicate (she ignores my messages and sms’s). The second reason – I hoped to find somebody among local folks to send a package to Russia.

P.P.S. I predict Facebook’s decline in the nearest future. I cannot believe millions of people won’t eventually see what I saw…


DJ at Russian tusovka

Nice music for a night club, but in broad daylight at this volume – in a public park? Gimme a break bro…

If they keep using this kind of ‘entertainment’ I don’t think I will go to those beach parties anymore. Which is a bummer, it’s a fantastic place to meet new people and old friends. 🙁

Did you like the music at that party? Do you think we need music at such parties? Please select only one answer.

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