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Всем моим любимым блондинкам посвящаю эту старую рок-балладу! Особенно тем, кто только что приступил к изучению английского языка.

P.S. Друг из Питера улетел и я вновь вспомнил про личную жизнь. 🙂

P.P.S. Любимые брюнетки и рыжие тоже могут слушать, но – с закрытыми глазами! 😉



Людям со сложным характером и невыносимой для окружающих натурой, типа меня, нужно почаще забивать НА ВСЕ! Мир без нас не пропадет и люди даже не заметят нашего отсутствия. Поэтому поеду я на пляж загорать и купаться, это ведь так круто, когда на календаре 27 декабря 2013!
Для русских в Америке важно также помнить, что
The World is much more than U.S.A. and Russia…
Here’s proof:



Today, I had a wonderful walk in Saint Peterburg woods. One of my new friends took me there and we spent some quality time together. She mentioned Bach music, and I suddenly craved it. With the craving a video was born. It’s banned in some countries due to copyright issues, but I can watch it here in Russia:

If you cannot watch it on Youtube, let me know. I’ll provide a link to download it from my backup servers.
On a couple of slides shot at midnight from my windows you can see that the Sun is still up, and it is still not the shortest night. Amazing!


My Love

If you understand Russian, pay attention to the lyrics of the songs, and you’ll get it. Otherwise, read the video’s description on youtube.

WARNING! After several months, Youtube decided to ban the sound track of my video. This renders it totally useless because most of my feelings were expressed through the music and lirycs. Below I provided a small-size unabridged version of my video. You can quickly download it to your computer or smartphone. Just click on the image below.

Добавлено 20 ноября 2012 года.

Чем больше я смотрю этот фильм, а делаю это часто, тем меньше понимаю, как же все это случилось?.. Маша и сейчас говорит, что любит меня. В то же время на большинство моих писем и эсэмэсок не отвечает. Сама за все время после моего отъезда (8 месяцев) позвонила мне раза два и прислала два-три сообщения смс. Не поговорить “по душам”, а узнать, где лежит ее Свидетельство о рождении, например…


Facebook puzzles

I admit, I am listening to a lot of Porcupine Tree music these days, but I DO NOT do any drugs! Then how can one explain my daughter’s profile on Facebook?

How can I be listed in her Family as Father, and at the same time asked if I know her?..
Facebook’s shares are barely above $20 bucks today. I predict their demise. Not as fast as MySpace, but they will go down the drain despite all the hoopla and millions of users.
People can’t ‘lick their balls’ forever…

Russian proverb: Когда коту делать нечего, он яйца лижет.


Trying to love

That’s how I would describe my attempts to understand and like Mariya’s favorite band – Arctic Monkeys. She is not alone, the band is hugely popular, especially in UK. I think I know the answer now: Their music, though interesting, mostly irritates me not with aggression, loudness or something of that order. It’s the slightly off-key, or out of tune way Alex sings that bothers me the most. I was cooking my late breakfast, listening to Brianstorm, and suddenly it looked to me like wearing glasses with a wrong prescription lens. You constantlly have to make an effort to focus… I don’t do such things voluntarily, that’s why AM is not macupatea… Sorry. But generally speaking it explains how things evolve and progress. Tens of millions of Monkey fans cannot be wrong. They performed Come Together at the opening ceremony in London with the same ‘wrong prescription’ and people went ballistic. Obviously, it is us, sixty-seventy year old farts who miss something. Poor us. Oh, well, back to good old ‘No dark sarcasm in the classroom’…


DJ at Russian tusovka

Nice music for a night club, but in broad daylight at this volume – in a public park? Gimme a break bro…

If they keep using this kind of ‘entertainment’ I don’t think I will go to those beach parties anymore. Which is a bummer, it’s a fantastic place to meet new people and old friends. 🙁

Did you like the music at that party? Do you think we need music at such parties? Please select only one answer.

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