Photo Album

While organizing (digitizing) my photo archives, I noticed that The Beatles were always part of my extended family.

The first two years of my service in the Soviet Army, I was stationed right outside Moscow, and we sometimes visited the city supervised and accompanied by our officers. Here we are ‘fraternizing’ with some civilians. “Народ и армия едины!”

A small passport-size picture of my friend Tatiana Vyrzhikovskaya is right in the middle of Fab Four's shots.

All those pictures were made by some resourceful entrepreneurs from smuggled western, Hungarian, East German and Polish magazines. They made money selling them to music lovers like me.

Prices were fixed. This "Postcard Album" as it was officially called cost 40 rubles.

I scanned several shoeboxes of pictures taken by non-digital cameras, covering my whole life prior to 2000. That’s when I bought my first digital camera – Olympus C-3000 Incredibly, the total size of my high-resolution scans was less than 7GB. Can you imagine your whole life can be recorded on a 32GB MicroSD card and there will be room for several more lives?

whole life on finger tip

How fucking pathetic!



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