Dream Theater in Seattle

Describing one’s musical tastes and favorite songs is trivial. EVERYONE has a unique taste. Mine includes Dream Theater who many mainstream music lovers don’t even know! At the same time those who know them might say they are the greatest band on Earth.
I would simply say, “Dreams come true!” Most of their music will definitely be on my Desert Island iPod.

I went to the concert with Mariya, and we were greeted by a huge line. It wrapped the whole block of buildings between 2nd Ave, Virginia Street, 3rd Ave and Stewart. You can see additional pictures in my Facebook Album.

The concert itself was not the best. The sound quality was poor (but loud, which we all love. No one can tell me “Will you turn it down”). The frontman’s microphone didn’t work and they couldn’t fix it until the last couple of songs. Apart from several oldies (and goodies) they mostly performed the latest numbers, which are good but not great. I don’t say I was disappointed, I saw and heard what I expected and was happy to stay a couple of hours in the crowd of my real brothers and sisters. Mariya was a bonus.

P.S. Using my new Canon 300HS camera, she filmed a surprisingly good-quality video of DT’s new drummer solo. Mike Mangini’s very good. He blended in perfectly.


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  1. Вадим, шикарное видео! Я представляю какой был концерт! Эти ребята были в Москве , кажется, в прошлом году, и здесь тоже произвели фурор.

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