I installed Pandora on my iPad on advice of a friend. I also coupled iPad with Samsung Chrystal Surround AirTrack using Bluetooth. I now wonder what to do with thousands of songs in my iTunes? Pandora plays all of them (for free) after I entered the names of my most favorite bands as Pandora radio stations. What’s most impressive, like Apple iTunes  Genius, the program very cleverly and comprehensively (unlike any human) collects other samples of the same type and genre. You wonder how does it know it my favorite? Or you think “Wow, how come I didn’t hear it before?”

Before that, I had similar questions listening to another iPad app – TuneIn Radio, which allows you to listen to 50 thousand radio stations across the world…

How many other dear things and values will lose their … value thanks to technological progress. I already got rid of several shoeboxes of photographs (my whole life). Scanned into iPhoto library they took a meager 6gb. Before that, I put all my dictionaries (100+) in the garage and forgot about them. Now I don’t need any CDs, DVDs, etc. What next? Pandora box indeed…


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