Defective card

My brand new debit card issued by The Saint Petersburg Bank went south. It refused to work in ATMs and in supermarkets, which were the only reasons I got it. After a short phone talk with the bank, I had to go to the only branch office my SPb bank has in Moscow. Even though I am staying at my brother’s nearly two hours away from downtown Moscow, I didn’t mind – what a great chance to check out the other capital of the Russian world.
In today’s Moscow churches are everywhere.
I had an interesting encounter with a dentist. She didn’t charge me anything for putting a temporary filling in one of my problem teeth. A brand-new insert fell out, and my Saint Pete dentist suggested that I cover the hole with a temp. She even gave me the name of the material, but her Moscow colleague critisized her choice and used a better option. Some imported material. When I asked why she didn’t want to be paid for her work, she said. “Your case falls into the emergency category, and we are supposed to help patients for free in such cases.”
Here are a couple of photos to show that Dental Clinic #53.
A stairway leading to the dental office.


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