StarWars Mushrooms

Ages ago, there was a country called USSR. The best part of it was called Moscow. Some big shots who lived in Moscow made enemies with half the world, and were quite concerned for their safety. No wonder the city had a pretty serious protection from enemy ballistic missiles. To detect their approach as far away as three thousand miles, huge antennas were deployed in remote areas 50 miles from the Kremlin. Untitled My brother, a Soviet officer, was part of that StarWars scenario. He has long since retired but still lives in his former garrison. Things changed since the end of Cold War but the mushrooms in those woods are still plentiful. It’s just a 15 minutes walk from his kitchen. Untitled There were several different types of mushrooms we got today. Some taste their best when pickled, like these: Untitled Others are best when fried (with lots of sour cream). The name of the game today was Chanterelle – yummy!! Untitled Or these little babies: Untitled Our final catch was good! While writing this post, I am catching divine whiffs coming from the kitchen – time to go. 😉
To sum-up my several days in the woods, here’s a short video.
It starts with us traveling on a delivery truck from an appliance store (I bought my brother a decent fridge to replace a 40-year old shit he was having problems with).

Then I went to Moscow on business and took some videos there. A public transportation bus to the railway station was a very comfortable Mercedes coach, and it cost me less than three dollars for an hour-long ride. In Moscow I stayed with a friend overnight, and in the morning heard some foreign languages from guys working outside my window. On the way back to the woods, I noticed how clever is a Russian way of transporting new cars on the rail. They are very well protected from thieves and burglars.


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