Great Russian resource for Drupal localization

The more I study contents of the website, the more impressed I am. Take for instance their glossary of English-Russian "tested by time" translations. In my opinion it is excellent, and discussions of the terms in their forum show how mature and professional most participants are. Another thing I like about the discussion forum, is good moderation of posts. All participants seem to be serious about what they are doing, there is little off-topic discussion, if any, and what impressed me most of all, their Russian is very good.

They still use some jargon and geek-speak, make occasional grammar mistakes and typos but on the whole the Russian language is clean and pleasant to read. A rare treat on the Russian-language IT-related discussion boards, where the most active members are often young people whose command of Russian leaves a lot to be desired.

Are Drupalers smarter, more intelligent and better educated than other CMS developers?


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