More than $2 000 000 000 spent on political advertising

Turned my TV on for a few minutes to watch the "news" while sipping my morning coffee, and was horrified with some facts. Thanks to the recent Supreme Court decision, corporations can now spend as much as they need (want) to support their corrupted politicians. More than 2 billion dollars have already been spent on political TV ads this year! By experts' estimate it will be $3 BN by the end of this year's election campaign. Don't we have other problems where this huge amount of money could be used??? Apparently, special interests are more important.

Thanks for the freedom of information and speech, but I wonder what's the fucking difference between this democracy and Russian autocracy, or dictatorship, whatever they have now?

I also wonder where is the best place on Earth for a Certified Russian-English translator to translate birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, diplomas and transcripts, and not be upset with social injustices?



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