Disinfection as a new year resolution

Washing dishes after breakfast, and using some bleach to clean the sink, I was listening to the Beatles on the ‘Oldies‘ channel, and I suddenly had an idea. One of my resolutions will be disinfecting my mind from Russian mass media. Last year, I spent way too much time reading about Russian politics, listening to Echo of Moscow radio, watching their ‘zombo-box’ on my iPad, etc. It was somewhat interesting, sometimes even entertaining but mostly it resulted in my frustration and grieve. Hopelessness would be the key word to describe conclusions I reached. Since it distresses me so much and since I can do nothing about it, why spend ANY time thinking about it?

In other words, I have finally decided to follow advice from my friend Eldar’s book ‘Disinfect your mind‘. My first step – I removed Vesti app from my iPad, which is pretty ironic since I bought the iPad basically after I saw Vesti on a friend’s iPad. Since then though I discovered tons of other useful apps. Take Flipboard for instance, it’s amazing! As for the Russian news, if/when something real important happens in that part of the world, decent news agencies like BBC or AP will report it. In an impartial, concise way, not the Russian way.

Sorry Russia, but you’re not worth my time!


3 thoughts on “Disinfection as a new year resolution”

  1. Let me disagree. Russia may be worth our time. Russian CRAP is not worth our time. American crap is not worth our time. No crap is worth our time. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing Russian mass media has. And most of American mass media too. Kill TV, save a watt. 🙂

    1. Dude, I totally agree with your mass media assessment, but I stick to my previous view: We are not in Russia, we are in Seattle now. My point: why waste our time on Russia? Let alone our emotions, nerve cells, etc…

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