Regina Rora

My daughter introduced me to this singer and pianist – Regina Spector. I never heard her or about her before, but it turned out that she’s pretty famous and popular.

What Mariya didn’t know was that exactly forty years ago I was madly in love with another pianist who looked very similar to Regina. They could be sisters. She was in Moscow, and I was in Egypt where I was practicing my English as a military linguist. When I got back to Moscow I married that girl, which as I found out later was a huge mistake.
A sad New Year eve story with a bright side to it. I ended up with several albums of Regina Spector in my iTunes now (courtesy of my daughter), and I like them.

Дворец Бракосочетаний им. Грибоедова
One of the Soviet gold diggers is getting what she wanted - marrying a military linguist... They earned a lot of money when stationed abroad.
"Вот и сделан первый шаг к разводу" - А. Аранышев
I was the only idiot who didn't see her real intentions...

P.S. An antisemitic commander of mine, Col. Afanasiev, who was then Head of Western Languages Dept, asked me when we met at a streetcar stop: “I hear you got married, Comrade Zima. Congratulations! I hope she’s not Jewish?” He said it so loudly, dozens of people waiting for the ride, turned their heads. I felt a little awkward but answered his question firmly: “No, comrade Colonel. She is not”.

Today, I am not so sure. Looking at Regina’s pictures and videos, I wonder if I told the truth to my commander…


2 thoughts on “Regina Rora”

  1. Моя свекровь тоже не любила меня за национальность :). Но зато дочь, светлая блондинка с зелеными глазами, в которой только половина еврейской крови (даже чуть меньше) недавно с гордостью мне заявила: “… я же еврейка”. А “своему парню” заранее сообщила, что со мной трудно иметь дело, ведь я “настоящая еврейская мамаша” 🙂

    1. Этот придурок Афанасьев, которого мы звали “Кабан”, просто следил за “чистотой рядов”. В ВИИЯ же готовили идеологических бойцов переднего фронта… Значит анкеты у всех должны быть без помарок.

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