Trying to love

That’s how I would describe my attempts to understand and like Mariya’s favorite band – Arctic Monkeys. She is not alone, the band is hugely popular, especially in UK. I think I know the answer now: Their music, though interesting, mostly irritates me not with aggression, loudness or something of that order. It’s the slightly off-key, or out of tune way Alex sings that bothers me the most. I was cooking my late breakfast, listening to Brianstorm, and suddenly it looked to me like wearing glasses with a wrong prescription lens. You constantlly have to make an effort to focus… I don’t do such things voluntarily, that’s why AM is not macupatea… Sorry. But generally speaking it explains how things evolve and progress. Tens of millions of Monkey fans cannot be wrong. They performed Come Together at the opening ceremony in London with the same ‘wrong prescription’ and people went ballistic. Obviously, it is us, sixty-seventy year old farts who miss something. Poor us. Oh, well, back to good old ‘No dark sarcasm in the classroom’…


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