Mark cooked it just right! I hid from the afternoon drizzle inside Randy’s apartment, and was cautiously ‘chewing’ on my steak using my gums when she came up and leaned to hug me. I had no clue who she was but hugging her back was so natural… Like I knew her all the time. Maybe I did?
Because she’s an angel. Yes, it’s official folks: I now have my very own Florida angel (forgot to ask her about flood and hurricane coverage). To make it simple for me, she said her name was Angel!

In addition to a personal angel, I now have a couple dozen friends from Singer Island, Florida. As my angel says:
🙂 Keep Smilin’

P.S. Since Angel is an American, my name is a bit of a problem for her to memorize (let alone pronounce), so she knows me as Bob.


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