Rusloc Services

Depending on their needs, our clients have a choice of using as much of our help or as little as they want. We offer the following services for major OS platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) and .NET and Java environments:

Foreign Language Translation in specialized areas

  • Law: Contracts, Patents and Trademarks, Immigration, Birth, Marriage Certificate Certified Translation
  • Education: Certified Translations of Foreign Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and Transcripts
  • Business: Advertising and Public Relations, Economics and Finance, Marketing, Printing and Publishing
  • Computers: Hardware, System Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Industry and Technology: Electronics, Energy, Telecommunications
  • Medicine: Healthcare, Instruments, Pharmaceuticals, Foreign Medical Diplomas & Transcripts
  • Natural Sciences: Biochemistry

Localization of Software

(product’s text, menus, dialog boxes, edit boxes, buttons, wizards)

Content Localization

(printed documentation, online content, help files, user manuals, packaging, CD labels, multimedia content)

Games Localization

Website Globalization

Linguistic, Functional Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) of localized products

(in partnership with other vendors)

Localization Engineering

(for select languages and/or platforms)

Multilingual Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design and Typesetting

  • User Guides and Technical Manuals
  • Training / Courseware / e-Learning
  • Brochures, Catalogs and Trade Show Presentations


Brief summaries of foreign documents in English, or English documents in foreign languages. The abstracts are indispensible for analysts and research specialists.


Expert transcription of recorded material in English and foreign languages for use in court or other legal proceedings.