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Developers having fun

Sometimes, web designers include extras, of which their clients may not even know. Here are some examples of such ‘bonus’ features.

1. Click the seagull
2. Click on the nose of the elk in the top right corner
3. Wait until «газон» sign appears, then click on the guy on the right (with a sickle)
4. In quick succession click signs «Как проехать», then «Как пройти», and then the company logo on the map. Enjoy the show:
5. Click on the logo beaver’s red tongue
6. Click three times on any of the street lights at the bottom of page:
7. The girl on the left has a skateboard. Click on the board a few times in a raw


Bill Maher speaks

"You know, the Congressman who said that this was a bank robbery and Enron robbed the bank, and Andersen, the accounting company drove the getaway car? He left out that Congress and the president are the cops paid to look the other way."
Почему миллионы людей чувствовали это, но лишь один сказал во весь голос?