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Promoting highest quality of English-Russian translation through use of qualified professionals only.Russian translator when he was still an English translator


Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation Skills:

  • Microsoft Executive Briefing Center tour – (January 26, 2005), Redmond, WA.
  • US. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Mammal Laboratory: 18th U.S.-RUSSIA Marine Mammal Project Meeting (September 22-26, 2004), Seattle, WA.
  • NARUC: Consumer Protection, Low Income and PR Study Tour (December 9-11, 2003), Olympia, WA.
  • Microsoft Government Leaders Summit (May 18-20, 2003), Redmond, WA.
  • Russian Prime Minister’s visit to Seattle (July 25, 1999); Interpreting for U.S. Senator Slade Gorton, U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Lt.-Gov. of Alaska Fran Ulmer, Seattle, WA.
  • International Chamber of Commerce: Arbitration hearings, Seattle, WA.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency: International workshops, Richland, WA.
  • Environmental Protection Agency: U.S.- Russian environmental workshops, Seattle, WA.
  • Department of Energy: U.S.- Russian conference, Tucson, AZ.
  • Intermec: workshops on barcode technologies, Everett, WA.
  • Tramco: Boeing 747 airplane maintenance training, Everett, WA.

Translation/Editing/Localization/Testing Skills:

  • Philips Medical Systems: translation, localization, verification of Ultrasound equipment.
  • Microsoft: localization of Mobile Windows into Russian
  • Crowley Maritime Corporation: Vessel Operations Manual; Operational Excellence Management System; Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan & Vessel Emergency Response Field Guide
  • AMD Personal Internet Communicator localization and testing
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.: Cisco Unity System localization and testing (subcontracted by Sinometrics); Cisco IP Phone 7960 localization
  • Crowley Marine Services: Orlan Towing Plan documentation for Sakhalin-1 Project
  • United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, Space Propulsion Division: Translation of RD-180 rocket engine specs, op-sheets and other documentation from Russian into English
  • Glosten Associates, Inc.: Sakhalin -1 Project documentation
  • Microsoft: Office XP interactive demo in Russian; Microsoft Business Advantage web site localization
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Pollock research proposals
  • Boeing: Sea Launch Program documentation
  • AT&T: Network Operations Center documentation
  • Port of Tacoma: Terminals and Facilities documentation
  • American Seafoods: Materials related to company’s Russian operations

Computer Hardware Skills:

Maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and upgrade of PC’s, networks.

Computer Software Skills:

Installation and maintenance of Windows, Mac OX, Linux systems, extensive practical knowledge of Microsoft Office, MS Publisher, MS Front Page, Microsoft Project 2000, Autodesk Autocad 2004, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Quick Books, Adobe PhotoShop; HTML editors, WYSIWYG web developments tools, Java scripts; PC and Mac word processing, e-mail, Internet, database, and spreadsheet applications.

Computer Aided Tools (CAT): SDL Trados Studio 2015, Transit Star, Catalyst 8, 10,  Lionbridge Translation Workspace, Memsource,  etc.


  • Director General of Rusloc LLC. – translation and localization, Seattle, USA
  • Freelance Russian translator and interpreter, Lake Worth, Florida, 6/90 – current
  • Senior Analyst, In-House Translator, Space Propulsion Division, Pratt & Whitney/United Technologies, West Palm Beach, FL, 3/04 – 7/04
  • Freelance English translator/interpreter, Moscow, Russia, 6/87 – 6/90
  • Senior Translator/Interpreter, Russian Army, 11/70 – 6/87


M.A. Degree, Translation & Interpretation, 1974. Department of Defense, Military Institute of Foreign Languages (Voennyj Institut Inostrannykh Yazykov), Moscow, Russia


  • Certificate of Washington State Court Interpreter, 12/19/2003court_cert
  • Certificate of Washington State Social Services Interpreter, 11/7/2000soc_certificate
  • Certificate of Washington State Medical Interpreter, 4/6/2000medic_certificate
  • ATA Certification, American Translators Association, 01/01/2004ata_cert_new
  • Certificate of Accreditation, American Translators Association, 10/29/1991
  • ata_accred
  • Diploma, Department of Defense, Institute of Foreign Languages, 6/29/1974diplo_zima


Phonic Ear Easy Listener Portable FM System (6 wireless receivers). Macintosh, Windows, Linux computers, scanners, printers. Superfast Verizon FIOS internet connection.


All current CAT software (no personal preference, client selects what he/she wants). All current and legacy software for Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms: MS Office; Office for Macintosh, Adobe Acrobat(for both platforms), Frontpage 2000, Microsoft Project 2000, Autodesk Autocad, QXpress, Pagemaker 6.5, 7.0, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator 9.0, 10, CS5, Informed Designer 3.0, etc.

Delivery methods: FTP, a cloud storage provider of your choice (DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.), e-mail, hard copy, fax, USPS,UPS/FedEx, etc.

REFERENCES (available on request)

Clearances: MBI (minimum background investigation) by Department of Home Security/FEMA.


Russian to English translators are wanted

Due to an increased demand, we are looking for qualified translators and editors from Russian into English.

Please register at our affiliated website: www.rusloc.com
The direct link to translators registration.
The Ukrainian to English and Belarusian to English combinations are also in high demand, so if you are translating between those languages go ahead and register too.

Your command of English must be native, or near native. When filling out your profile, please be as specific as you can and provide us with as much information as possible. Don’t forget to attach your updated resume in any text format (Word, ASCII, PDF).

See you soon!



I had that feeling when I discovered that I have to pay a cancellation fee of $42 to leave L10Nbridge’s stinking ‘MarketPlace’. They say that joining a gang is free, but to leave the gang you have to pay a price.

Lionbridge charges a fee for refusing to use their proprietary tool
Cancellation fee sucks

I am calling Lionbridge’s MarketPlace “stinking” because they are pushing translation rates down to sweat-shop levels there. Immoral? Good business practice – from shareholders’ point of view? I don’t know, but I am not playing their games anymore. In Europe, there was a massive exodus of French and Spanish translators from the ranks of this giant translation and localization joint. It seems people in the Old World have higher standards of ethics, and in general are a prouder bunch. After all, money is not everything. But here in America money still rules, people are afraid to lose income, and as a result they let the motherfuckers like L10Nbridge set their rules to rob their own providers.

The sad thing about it is that if I try to contest this outrageous charge, they’ll point me to a provision of the contract, where this mob practice is stipulated. If you want to contest it, welcome to the American Court system. I’ll pass on that. After all, I can earn enough doing certified translations for individuals as I did before.

Companies like LIOX are responsible for the slow death of translator’s occupation. Fewer and fewer professionals remain in business. Poorly educated, illiterate localizers ready to work for pennies are filling the void, and lingvonecrosis (my term) is setting in. Sad, very sad.


Machine translation improvement

I have recently installed a new plugin called Transposh. Curious about the translation quality provided by the plugin, today I checked it with an old trick – back translation. Our instructors in Voennyj Institut Inostrannykh Yazykov (ВИИЯ) often used it to teach us being precise and brief in our translations.

I opened my recent angry post about American Healthcare System and translated it into French using Transposh. I selected French because I consider it my third language, after Russian and English, and I have at least the basic knowledge of it.

Then I pasted the obtained text into a Google translate window and translated it back into English. Google_FR-EN
I was shocked when I realized that the translation was nearly identical to the original English text. Some parts looked even better than the original. When I am expressing myself in English, I often make typical mistakes for a Russian. I mix up, or omit articles, use incorrect tenses, neglect English idioms and so on.

So my conclusion was: the French translation by Transposh (based on google translate API in my settings) was very good. The high quality of the back translation only proved it.

Then I did the same with Russian. And I guess I have good news for Russian translators. Both the translation and back translation revealed the same old problems.
Machine translation into a non-Latin alphabet language with cases, genders, case and verb endings and other ‘fine-tuning’ stuff is still not an option. It looks horrible. And that means, hopefully, that Russian translators will have their slice of cake for years to come. At least when it comes to certified translations. All those birth certificates, marriage certificates, school diplomas and transcripts, police certificates, I love you all. Those documents required by immigration authorities, medical schools and BOARD OF REGISTERED NURSING (my favorite) they will always require a human certified translator. In some cases not only certified but approved and/or accredited as well.

Here comes a puzzle: #2 from below looks bad stylistically, grammatically and esthetically, but apparently it retained the meaning of the original pretty well. #3 is excellent English version of the original, where only one thing is missing. I said «there are way too many people involved», but google translate omitted «way».

#1. This is the original English version

But because nearly every step of my treatment needs to be approved and agreed on due to restrictions of my insurance plan, there are way too many people involved.

#2. This is a Russian translation processed by Transposh.

Но так как почти каждый шаг моей лечение должно быть одобрено и согласовали из-за ограничений моей страховой план, Есть слишком много людей, вовлеченных.

#3. This is a back translation by Google Translate (google.translate.com)

But since almost every step of my treatment should be approved and agreed upon due to the limitations of my insurance plan, there are too many people involved.


Сертифицированный перевод документов (Сertified translation)

Apostille, translation, notary public
Apostille, translation, notary public

Сертифицированный перевод

Заверенный, или  “сертифицированный” перевод официальных документов (свидетельств о рождении, о заключении брака, о разводе, школьных аттестатов, дипломов ВУЗов, училищ, академических и архивных справок) – это то, что мы делаем каждый день. Во многих случаях требуется наличие у переводчика сертификата АТА – см. ниже.

ata_accreditation - Russian translator examined and accredited by American Translators Association
ATA Certificate of Accreditation

Убедительная просьба: не присылайте нам запросов типа “сколько будет стоить перевод и сколько уйдет времени на перевод диплома с вкладышем?”, не приложив копий этих документов. Абсолютно одинаковых документов не бывает, а значит цена и сроки исполнения будут разными. Чтобы ответить на Ваши вопросы, нам нужно увидеть Ваш документ. Исходите из того, что одна страница может стоить от 15 до 35 долларов США и больше, в зависимости от срочности. Если у вас несколько похожих документов, например, свидетельства о рождении детей от одних и тех же родителей, мы предоставим Вам существенную скидку.

Итак, Вам нужно сделать следующее:
  • Отсканировать документ. Изображение должно быть цветным и достаточно высокого разрешения (200-300 dpi).
  • Отправить нам файлы с изображением ваших документов через форму Contact (см. вкладку в верхней части страницы справа), где вы можете отправлять графические файлы размером до 5 мб в форматах .jpg, .pdf, .png.
  • Оплатить заказ кредитной (дебитовой) картой или по системе PayPal после получения нашего инвойса.
  • Получив от нас черновик перевода, подтвердить правильность дат, имен и фамилий.
  • Получить перевод по почте или на руки – предварительно позвонив, чтобы договориться о встрече.

Одновременно с отправкой файлов укажите, пожалуйста, точное английское правописание имен лиц, указанных в документах. Желательно также “расшифровать” названия малоизвестных населенных пунктов. Написанное от руки неразборчивым почерком слово “Москва” можно и угадать, но некоторые из нас родились в местах с очень экзотическими названиями. Как я, например, в селе Лебяжьем, Ленинградской области.

Готовый сертифицированный перевод, заверенный переводчиком, можно получить любым способом и в любой форме.

Вы можете приехать и лично забрать заверенные документы или получить их по почте. Кроме того, мы можем отправить Вам по электронной почте цветной файл PDF с печатями переводчика и нотариуса, который при наличии хорошего цветного принтера вы можете распечатать самостоятельно.

В любом случае мы даем 100% гарантию, что все государственные органы США, такие как, например, Госдепартамент или USCIS, и все университеты США и Канады, принимают наш сертифицированный перевод, если он приложен к заверенной копии оригинала документа. В случае, если это необходимо, мы также предоставляем нотариальную заверку подписи переводчика.

Мы также предоставляем все прочие нотариальные услуги. У нас можно заверить и апостилировать документы не только на английском, но и на русском, украинском, белорусском и других языках.


на получение апостиля, без которого ваши доверенность или согласие на выезд ребенка за пределы РФ практически не имеют силы, уходит минимум 7-10 рабочих дней. Стоимость апостиля – $10.00. Стоимость почтовой пересылки в Государственный департамент и обратно – $15.00 (Two-day Priority Mail).


1000 Parkview Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. Park near the main entrance and call my phone number.

Old banner
A historic banner. I myself designed and produced it in 1990s, using images of my own documents.

Tema Lebedev

He is one of those people whom you like and dislike at the same time. One day he’s a cool guy, funny and clever, says things you totally agree with, and the next day he’s such a fucking jerk – you cannot believe it’s the same person. Sometimes, he’s even witty, I have a couple of images to prove it. Look at the bottom right corner of his home pages.

Below is what his earlier homepage looked like:

He used to smoke three packs per day...

Apparently, the guy still stays away from smoking. Good for him. I remember reading his lengthy post about quitting. It’s a bummer Tema swears a lot and often writes vulgar and pathetic banalities, total shit in his blog. When he doesn’t, reading his blog, books and the content of his studio’s website is fun. Since his ancestors are highly intellectual, writers, translators and poets among them, his Russian is very good. There are very few people among the the Runet bloggers (Russian internet), who can compare with him.

As a professional translator of English (when in Russia), and Russian (after relocating to the US), I used to read Lebedev’s posts a lot. His profound knowledge of his native Russian, excellent command of English, everything and anything related to linguistics, like typography for example, as well as a keen eye on small details, would make him an excellent translator and/or interpreter. But he became a designer instead. Oh, well. It is still fun to check on him from time to time.

P.S. It’s amazing how one and the same person can be a guardian of the Russian language, and at the same time use his popularity to infect and destroy it. I call this infection lingvonecrosis (лингвонекроз). Of course it’s not only Lebedev’s presumptuous vulgarity and cynicism that kills the Russian language, there are many other counter-culture contributors, but he sure runs high in search-engine stats.


Кто же скажет им правду?

Интернет заполонен людьми, считающими себя профессиональными переводчиками, но не являющихся таковыми. Некоторые из них даже регистрируются в базе переводчиков Руслока…

Интересно послушать мнение переводчиков украинского языка о качестве работы их коллеги. Как работодатель, получивший этот “перевод” с опозданием на сутки, после двухкратного напоминания, я не знаю как мне поступить…

Человек не выполнил своих обязательств не только по срокам, он также нарушил прямые указания, которые ему были даны в первой же инструкции: по всем неясным вопросам, например, словосочетаниям, понятным только жителю Северной Америки, незамедлительно обращаться к указанному редактору (консультанту), не реже 2 раз в сутки, представляя список своих вопросов. Иными словами, обязательства свои он нарушил, а значит я не обязан выполнять своих – т.е. оплачивать его работу.


Эволюция переводческого фриланс-бизнеса (1991-н.в.)

Иногда интересно оглянуться назад и посмотреть, с чего я начинал и до чего докатился. Нет никаких сомнений, что останься я в СССР – все было бы иначе.
Сильно сомневаюсь, что было бы лучше… Характер не нордический, вилять хвостом и лизать жопы никогда не умел, всегда прямо говорил людям, что о них думаю… Короче, не было у меня будущего в той стране, и я правильно сделал, что остался в Штатах, когда предоставилась такая возможность.
Об удивительных обстоятельствах моего переезда из Москвы в Сиэтл я писал в “Посиделках у Зимы”